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August 29, 2007

Welcome – Site goals

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Hello. My name is Mike. I’ve been a professional software developer for more than a decade, focusing primarily on the Microsoft toolset: Visual Studio, Sql Server, .Net. Over that time, I’ve developed for organizations in Market Research, transportation, natural gas, and the healthcare industry, among others. Recently, I’ve become a professional consultant, as I love the variety of the work.

While writing software for these organizations, I’ve run across many cool ideas, thoughts, patterns, and samples in code. Over time, I’ve managed to forget just as many. The goal of this blog is to capture examples that have been very helpful to me, have allowed me to save a lot of development time, or are just plain cool. It will probably focus primarily on C# development, but not necessarily exclusively.

I look forward to meeting many of you through this blog, and hope you find some of the ideas in it helpful.



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